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    * Instant access to 12+ hours of coaching podcasts… 45 episodes and counting full of the most relevant mindsets on relationships, love, attraction, BPD, codependency, dating, sex, happiness, success and much more…
    * Overcoming Codependency course: my flagship audio + text course that teaches you how to get back control over your emotions so you can have fun, drama-free relationships.
    * Habit Crusher course: my personal favorite course. We’ll go through the most common bad habits that ruin relationships, as well as the good habits that keep the spark alive and improve the quality of your life.
    *Manipulation Diffusion course: this course teaches you about manipulative behavior and how to handle it. Short, sweet, and to the point.
    *The Good Guy Problem course: most men who struggle in relationships are “good guys.” At least, that’s what they want to believe. But the truth is that most “good guys” have deep-rooted issues that kill the woman’s attraction and thus he gets ghosted.
    * Fundamental Lessons: these are one-off articles teaching you important lessons that I hope you’ll find valuable.
    * And much more! I can’t include everything here.

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For $19.95 / month, you get unlimited access to the “Relationship Academy” podcast, as well as unlimited access to ALL courses including Overcoming Codependency, Manipulation Diffusion, Habit Crusher, and more! You will be well on your way to improving your mindsets and beliefs, giving you the BEST chance of improving your relationships, your life, and everything inbetween!

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Only become a member if you’re 100% positive you want to learn from me. I don’t work with wishy-washy people, they are the worst kind of client and customer. It’s a $20 investment and you can cancel anytime you like in the member’s area. There are no refunds so again, don’t join unless you’re committed to learning this stuff and improving your love life.