There's No Greater Relationship Problem Than Codependency. Improving Your Relationships and Fixing Drama Requires a "Reboot" Of Your Codependent Mindsets. My "Overcoming Codepenendcy" Course Is Exactly What Is Sounds Like.

I'll show you everything I know about healing toxic relationships, improving your sex life, dating Borderlines, curing Codependency and more - all while making you feel more confident and highly desirable.

Hey it's Rick,

Thanks for checking out my Relationship Academy. If it's relevant, up-to-date relationship coaching you're in need of, you've come to the right place.

You see, our society is so fucked these days. The movies and tv shows we watch, the magazines we read, the music we listen to, etc. it's ALL fucked up in regards to the messages we're receiving.

It's not surprise that 95% of humanity aren't able to experience healthy, fulfilling relationships. We're literally being taught the OPPOSITE of what actual success is when it comes to relationships.

For example, just the other day an article in Men's Health of all places advises men to text a girl "something funny" when she hasn't responded to your texts for a couple of days.

These "experts" are so out of touch with reality. They have no clue as to what makes a relationship successful for the long-term.

The 5% of society who actually understand relationships don't really go around teaching this stuff -- they're often too busy enjoying their lives.

It's really no surprise at all that men and women continue to suffer in their intimate relationships.

In fact, according to recent surveys, relationships are more toxic than ever and people are more unhappy than ever before.

Not fun.

So, I've put ALL of my training inside of this "Academy" so you can learn what you need to learn at your own pace.

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up Today:

Instant Access to 45+ Coaching Podcast Episodes

As of this writing, there are 45 episodes available to members totaling more than 14 hours. These podcasts are what I consider my "hardcore training" in that I deep-dive into the advanced relationship topics not found anywhere else. You'll get more than enough valuable coaching to help you improve your relationships starting today.

'Overcoming Codependency' Course

My most popular course to date which has helped thousands of men and women drastically improve their lives. Codependency is the most common, yet not talked about, mental issue in society. It's the sole-reason we feel insecure and confused. It leads to broken hearts, pain, self-sabotage, cheating and so on. This 12-part course will help you turn your life and relationships around.

'Habit Crusher' Course

Nothing kills a relationship faster than your bad habits. "Habit Crusher" goes through a list of bad habits that you could be making which is driving your lover away. I also teach you some GOOD habits that will make your love lust for you and want you more than ever.

'Manipulation Diffusion' Course

One of the most common problems in relationships is MANIPULATION. I hate manipulation. Luckily for you, I am a master of reading people and I know all the common manipulation tactics that men and women do!  This course will teach you how to counter the manipulation when you encounter it. By not falling into these manipulation traps, you will actually turn your partner ON because he/she knows that you can't be manipulated.

'Fundamental Lessons' Course

In this course, you'll learn several fundamental lessons that should apply to all romantic relationships. You'll find several high-quality written lessons on the topics of mindsets, goals, time management, and more. These lessons directly affect your relationships. Why? Because who you are as a person mirrors your relationships. When you get your life handled, your relationships improve.

'The Foundational Pillars' Audio Training Course

Member's get exclusive access to this powerful recording of what I consider to be my relationship "system." In this 40-minute recording, you'll get a 'crash course' of my philosophy of what it takes to develop a successful relationship. I don't consider this a podcast episode simply because of it's long length and recommended to START HERE when you join.

'Advanced Strategies and Insights' Course

This isn't really a course -- it's dozens of high-quality, premium training articles I write just for members. This is actually my favorite section of the Relationship Academy because it's where I talk about the advanced stuff. I love teaching advanced lessons! I don't get to teach this stuff anywhere else, and you won't learn this stuff anywhere else. So, be sure to check this section out and read the lessons that apply to you.

'Rick's Dating Strategies' Course

Dating evolves every year. 5 years ago we barely had Instagram. Now, everyone and their mom is on that platform. This just shows how quickly society can change. When society changes, dating changes. This course goes over several of my highly effective, field-tested dating strategies. When you date the way I teach, your relationships will improve. And, you should NEVER stop dating your girlfriend/wife/whatever. Even if you've been together for 20 years, keep doing these dating strategies with him/her!

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Coaching Podcast Episode List

Here's a list of all the coaching podcasts you get full access to when you join. I record new episodes every single month and they will remain on the site forever.

Podcasts are my favorite way of teaching because relationships are constantly evolving -- what worked 5 years ago could be obsolete today. Social media has changed everything.

The key is RELEVANCE. Every new podcast that I record is designed for the present. You can't get better training than that.

  • Episode 01: Date So Good She Lost a Tooth
  • Episode 02: Using Negative Energy To Your Benefit
  • Episode 03: Rick's Foundational Pillars to Relationship (and life) Success
  • Episode 04: It's Time To Ball (aka get your balls back)
  • Episode 05: Why Social Media Is Passed the Tipping Point
  • Episode 06: Instinctual Attraction Triggers That Go Beyond Societal Norms
  • Episode 07: Being A Leader and Creating Curiosity
  • Episode 08: Perk Up Soldier. Time To Steer Your Own Ship
  • Episode 09: Overcoming Your Fears Like A Good Soldier (Part 1)
  • Episode 10: Overcoming Your Fears Like A Good Soldier (Part 2)
  • Episode 11: Love/Hate Relationships and Addictive Clinging
  • Episode 12: The Relationship Trifecta (Physicality)
  • Episode 13: The Relationship Trifecta (Mentality)
  • Episode 14: The Relationship Trifecta (Spirituality)
  • Episode 15: Conversation Mastery (Stop Trying To Sell Yourself)
  • Episode 16: Great Communication Starts With YOU
  • Episode 17: How To Be Affectionate The Right Way
  • Episode 18: Retaining People (especially lovers) In Your Life
  • Episode 19: Dark Times Call For Strong Core Values
  • Episode 20: An Exceptional Journey - The Mundane
  • Episode 21: An Exceptional Journey - Don't Be A Crowder
  • Episode 22: An Exceptional Journey - Speed Is of the Essence
  • Episode 23: Rules of the Game (Rules 1 - 5)
  • Episode 24: Rules of the Game (Rules 6 - 10)
  • Episode 25: Rules of the Game (Rules 11 - 15)
  • Episode 26: Rules of the Game (Rules 16 - 20)
  • Episode 27: The Regression of Man
  • Episode 28: The Real Deal
  • Episode 29: Living In Pain
  • Episode 30: Complex Relationships and The Boyfriend Destroyer
  • Episode 31: Sending A Strong Message
  • Episode 32: Reward Slowly, Punish Swiftly
  • Episode 33: In Love But Confused
  • Episode 34: The Only "Ex Back" Technique You Need
  • Episode 35: Better Sex Part 1
  • Episode 36: Better Sex Part 2
  • Episode 37: Why Neediness Kills Attractiveness
  • Episode 38: An Advanced "Friendzone Tactic" That Makes You Irresistable
  • Episode 39: Friendzone Clearups, BPD, Children and Respect
  • Episode 40: Truth About Depression and Handling Bitchy Behavior
  • Episode 41: The Man That Women Desire
  • Episode 42: Higher Quality Relationships
  • Episode 43: The Good Guy Problem - Why Good Guys Struggle
  • Episode 44: The Good Guy Problem - Why Women Don't Date The Good Guys
  • Episode 45: The Good Guy Problem - Being Cool and Genuine
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"I Feel More Alive Than I Ever Have."

My mission in life is to help you live a fun and fulfilling life, full of love and happiness. If you're not succeeding, then I feel like a failure.

Testimonials from members help me stay positive and active on this mission of mine. Here are some messages I recently received from members of the Academy:

"I remember I found this site back in fall of 2016 and I made this huge ass paragraph about how I’m trying to get my ex back and shit lmao. Now, thanks to you and your teachings, I feel more like myself and an individual with self-value rather than some insecure boy who needs people to hand him value. In a way I feel more alive than I ever have. You have my eternal gratitude man."

"It’s funny, after he disappeared I felt a lot of anxiety everyday. I think his drama had affected me more than I thought it did. Listening to these coaching podcasts is making the anxiety go away. I actually feel really calm today."

"Just want to thank you. Ive been listening and reading your articles and podcast for about 4 months now. And wow I can see an improvement in myself... Overcoming codependency is my top priority right now, it’s an everyday struggle. It’s something I’ll have to work on for a while I think. But when I first listened to you I was in bad shape. horrible diet, out of shape didn’t really care about my appearance to much. I was more focused on what my girlfriend needed. When I listened to your relationship trifecta podcast the physicality one really hit me hard. I got inspired by what you were saying and really worked hard on my physical appearance and my diet. I was 240lbs when I first listened to the podcast and today is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen the scale read under 200lbs. I’m currently 195lbs and I have you to thank for that. This diet I’m on is now a lifestyle, it’s a part of me and I feel so much better about myself than I did a few months ago. Thanks again! Keep inspiring people like me."

"Just want to give you props. I've been with a borderline (my wife) for ten years (married 2). I only recently found out. I always knew she was crazy but admittedly I like difficult women. Needless to say it explained a lot. So all of your courses are all hitting home for me. Just wanted to say thanks."

"I love your straight forward no bullshit approach... fuck anyone who's offended by the truth you speak they must be weak. I just want to say I appreciate all your hard work so keep on keeping on an ill keep reading an listening"

"Rick, Dude--you are ON POINT!!!! I'm currently (partially) coming out of my depression-funk over a woman I was crazy about, but I was too "Gung-Ho" about her which I feel scared her off; she gave me the "we should just be friends cause I recently reconnected with an Ex" text (yes--TEXT!!) So,
needless to say I said F**k your friendship and started to get on the road to self healing... just wanted to give credit when credit is due... thanks man"

Do Not Join Unless You're Willing To Put In The Work

Most members start seeing results in their relationships, their mindsets, their beliefs and their lives around the 3 week mark (21 days).

No, you should NOT expect instant results because anyone who's telling you otherwise is trying to scam you.

The Academy is a membership site designed for men and women who have the discipline and patience to put in the work.

I deliberately price it this way to discourage the product-junkies and "quick fix" losers from joining. These types of people annoy the hell out of me.

Memberships encourage people to take action and put in the work over time.

Thus, I do what I can to repel those who are looking for an "instant" fix.

No, you cannot get your ex back overnight.

Yes, you can get him or her back if you put in the work and let time run its course. These things take time.

So, in addition to the fact that this is a subscription-based membership site, There Are No Refunds and All Sales Are Final.

This should keep the desperate, quick fix people away. I don't want you here if that's the type of person you are. Go get your dopamine fix from somebody else.

Now for the rest of you who understand that relationships aren't fixed overnight, use the button below to join:

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Let's conquer.

Rick Reynolds